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Friday, March 6, 2009

VW Rabbit VR6 vs Mustang 5.0

Arrancones evento de Rosarito

Bunny VS. SVT Cobra

427whp VR6 Turbo Rabbit VS. 496whp SVT Cobra
Both dyno'd on same dyno.

Volkswagon Rabbit Turbo & Supercharged VR6 8sec daily driven

Volkswagon Rabbit Turbo & Supercharged VR6 8sec daily driven 630hp 1/4mile slips shown after taping

Fox News Removes Innocence from ACLU Stance on Gitmo Detainees?

As I show in this video, Fox News' "Special Report with Bret Baier," airing January 28, 2009, did not accurately report the ACLU's problem with taking prisoners who have never been convicted of anything out of Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and placing them into one of America's strictest supermax prisons in Florence, Colorado.

Is Gay Marriage A Two-Sided Issue?

When I attended a rally against California's anti-gay marriage initiative, Proposition 8, at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Sacramento this week, the local media covered little of what I saw, instead focusing on two-sided controversies that did not get to the heart of the issue.
Speakers/Sponsors at that rally included:

Kathleen Montgomery of PFLAG (Emcee)
Mayor Heather Fargo
Carey Park, Sacramento firefighter
California Nurses Association
California Teachers Association
The Very Reverend Brian Baker, Dean of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
Freddie Oakley, Registrar/County Clerk, Yolo County
Stuart Eldridge, Representative of Kevin Johnson
ACLU of Northern California

Fox News Cares About Privacy (or Just Sarah Palin)?

David Kernell was indicted on a single federal FELONY charge on October 8, 2008. In the indictement, the US Department of Justice failed to follow its own narrow definition of "stored communications" as I explained in this video.
In this video, I show the hypocrisy of the outrage on Fox News last week when Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin had her privacy violated by a Yahoo email hacker.
Regarding the dates of the Fox News clips, the short clip of Laura Ingraham and Bill O'Reilly I use in my video comes from the September 19, 2008, broadcast of "The O'Reilly Factor." The short clip of Dennis Miller and Bill O'Reilly I use in my video comes from the August 8, 2007, broadcast of "The O'Reilly Factor." And, finally, the short clip of Bill O'Reilly on "Fox & Friends" I use in my video comes from the September 23, 2008, broadcast of that show.

A Culture War Between Hollywood and Pahrump, Nevada?

The fictional culture war between Hollywood and the American heartland spilled over into reality this week as I show with these news and entertainment clips. I end with some serious questions about the real vs the fictional culture war.

Fair to Ignore Murder Victims' Family Against Death Penalty?

When the California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice held hearings last week on the fairness of the death penalty, I didn't expect all the details of more than 6 hours of hearings to be covered in my local newspaper, the Sacramento Bee. I was surprised, however, to see the Sacramento Bee article covering the hearings did not even mention the many murder victim family members who oppose the death penalty who spent all day at that hearing to share the stories I excerpt in my video. Instead, the Sacramento Bee only quoted a murder victim family member supporting the death penalty who did not even speak at the hearing.

WHAT WAR ON CHRISTMAS? ACLU Fights for Christmas Tree!

WHAT WAR ON CHRISTMAS? ACLU Fights for Christmas Tree!

How the ACLU Got Viacom To Treat My YouTube Videos Fairly #1

See particularly the blog entry from Nicole Ozer, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Northern California's Technology and Civil Liberties Policy Director