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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Original Mountain Marathon 2008 OMM

Th 2008 Original Mountain Marathon or OMM was "a bit rainy." Here is how it looked from a competitor's viewpoint. We did the B course, completing it by 2.30pm. We then walked back to our car, and got out of the Lakes which seemed to be sinking.

OMM Team: Tim Pickering, Jeremy Webb (camera)

Portions of this video were also supplied to the BBC.

U of M stages landfill with 6 tons of garbage

University of Minnesota's Coffman Union had 6 tons of garbage dumped on its front step to promote awareness about recycling on campus.

Hiking Sulphur Mountain

hiking a mountain, big or small, is definitely an experience you should enjoy at least once in life

The Newshour Special: 'OSCAR makes Pinki Smile'

TIMES NOW Editor-In-Chief Arnab Goswami discusses, 'A real world fairy tale' with Nandini Rajwade (Field Producer, Smile Pinki), Nan Maran.

U of M student creates model 35W bridge

University of Minnesota junior Rachel Gaulke has built a replica model of the collapsed I-35W bridge to be presented to the National Transportation Safety Board for further investigation.

Video shop bargains - Never Better - BBC sitcom

Video shop bargains - Never Better - BBC sitcom

Widescreen: Driven to Discover: Any good come from garbage?

Widescreen version of University of Minnesota Driven to Discover ad, Can any good come from garbage?

Idiots of Ants | Funeral | As seen on E4

One small act could change the face of British sitcom history forever.

How the Internet really works

Ever wondered how the internet really works? Well find out here...

Science of Watchmen

University of Minnesota physics professor James Kakalios discusses how he was tapped to add a physics perspective to the upcoming Warner Brothers movie, Watchmen. Kakalios discusses how quantum mechanics can explain Dr. Manhattan's super human powers in the film, and how he came to become an expert on the topic of the physics of superheroes.

Wii Breakfast

They'll make anything into a computer game nowadays!