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Thursday, March 12, 2009

[Eng Subs] Boys Over Flowers Episode 18 45sec. Preview

chandi: did you sleep well?
jk: I didn't sleep at all
(intro song)
it was a really bad night for goo joon pyo.
he was so embaresed so he left first.

goo joon pyo: what are you doing in somebody else's house?
jk(i didn't catch this part and then) (0:21) do you like fish? does it taste good?
gaeul: (didn't catch )
kimbum: if you were gonna run away and make a fuss from just this, then you shouldn't have done the date thingy. (thingy ==;;?)
goojoon pyo(or is it kimbum?): in my position, I would give it to the girl I like.
jandi: stupidly...why is it like this?
jihoo: (I think) it's, don't worry.

credits:, kisaiscute for the subs
No copyright infringement intended
Strictly for fangirl-ing purposes only ^ ^

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